Stories about Turku 2020

Many international and Finnish journalists, photographers, bloggers as well as TV crews visit the region as guests of Visit Turku every year. The results of these visits are seen around the world, appearing in articles, photo essays, programs, and posts. Here is a selection of publications from 2020.

Netflix / Restaurants on the Edge
Netflix's Restaurants on the Edge Spotlights Turku, Finland on May 8

Lonely Planet / Patrice J. Williams
7 reasons Turku needs to be on your travel bucket list Lonely Planet

Wine Enthusiast / Lauren Mowery
A Wine-Fueled Trip to a Stylish Nordic City

The Guardian / Rachel Dixon
10 smaller European Capitals of Culture you may not have heard of

Breaking Travel News / Sapphire Goss
Breaking Travel News investigates: Turku, the oldest city in Finland

Mare TV
Das finnische Schärenmeer - Turku, Tango, tausend Inseln

New York Times / different writers
52 places to love in 2021

Flavours of Estonia / Aivar Hanson
Kiss My Turku!

DRIFT / Zoey Goto
Europe’s Best Island Escapes

Bikeitalia / Pinar Pinzuti
Finlandia in bicicletta: percorsi e informazioni