Turku for All - Accessibility Website

Kynnys ry is an organisation supporting the fundamental human rights of people with disabilities. The organisation also maintains the Turku for All website, detailing accessibility information on public and private services in Turku. Locations have been assessed and verified by Kynnys ry's surveyors. The surveys have followed well-defined criteria and the results are described using text, photographs and symbols.

Accessibility information benefits disabled people and the elderly in various ways, as well as, for example, families with children. The site offers special value for tourists, as among the locations you can find accommodation and restaurant services as well as cultural sites, for example.

All information about the locations is also provided in Swedish and English.

Turku for All website

Accessibility as part of products and services

In Visit Turku’s tour packages, accessibility and customer requirements are always taken into account in the tour designs. Ready-made packages can also be tailored to the needs of the group and more accessible destinations and routes can be included in the trip.

Visit Turku Sales

Meet Turku - accessibility for conferences, conventions and parties

On the website you will find conference and event venues for which Kynnys ry has conducted an accessibility survey.

Meet Turku