Through the example it sets in its own activities and operation, Visit Turku aims to encourage its partner companies to develop their own practices toward the achievement of certification in sustainable tourism. As a tourist destination, Turku views the sustainable certification as of critical importance to tourism operators in the area.

As a regional organisation, Visit Turku strengthens the region's attractiveness in terms of sustainability, through marketing communications and by offering sustainable travel and tour packages.

Sustainability is a competitive advantage for any travel destination or tourism business. In the future, only sustainable businesses will prove successful, as tourists and partners favour sustainable destinations. Sustainability should not be seen as a burden on companies, but rather a fantastic opportunity to produce new services and new business.

Visit Turku also plays an important role as facilitator, as the organisation works closely with tourism companies in the area. As the city of culture and the archipelago, Turku can only be a truly sustainable travel destination if local tourism partners embark on a common path of sustainable development.

Sustainable tourism is any activity that is ecologically, economically, socio-culturally and ethically sustainable. In practice, sustainability can be seen, for example, in the tourism company's efforts to reduce food waste or in preserving the local cultural heritage. Sustainability is an issue that unites both tourists and the whole tourism industry.

This site gathers information about the sustainable development of Turku's tourism, as well as tips on how each of us can make an impact through our own actions and help build a responsible tourist destination.

Eco-Heart – a label of sustainable service

The green Eco-Heart label is a new sustainable brand from Visit Turku. The brand denotes sustainably produced tours, packages, products, and services, provided by our partners, and which are available through our sales service. You will find the label in association with tours that are sustainably produced.


  1. The company has a certificate for sustainable tourism (or is in the process of applying).
  2. The company has received the Visit Finland STF mark or has joined the STF programme.
  3. The company is committed to the nationwide principles of sustainable tourism.
  4. Activities or services are easily verified as sustainable (e.g. walking tours).
  5. A product or service can be varied, so long as sustainability is considered at every stage (e.g. use of local producers, services, and food, and ecology impact).