Sustainable Tours from Visit Turku

Promoting sustainable tourism in the Turku region is one of Visit Turku's key priorities. How can each of us influence the sustainability of our own holiday or trip? Here are five tips that everyone, whether an independent tourist or those travelling for business, can keep in mind.

  1. Encourage public transportation.
  2. Consider your accommodation.
  3. Get interested in culture.
  4. Don’t leave marks behind you.
  5. Support local businesses.

Visit Turku is strongly involved in Visit Finland's sustainable tourism program. For us, sustainability means, for example, that we offer responsibly produced travel and tour packages. Sustainable tourism is also supported by Visit Turku's Guided Walking Tours, during which you can explore the city on foot. We also encourage local tourism operators to take the path of sustainability – the first step is important and every little helps. This is the only way we can ensure that Turku, with its amazing culture and the world's most magnificent archipelago, can become and remain a truly sustainable travel destination.

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Sustainable tours 

Visit Turku favours sustainably produced travel and tour packages whenever possible. The tour selection includes lots of walking tours, electric boat trips and nature excursions, to name some examples. An important element of the travel and tour packages is local food. It’s possible to choose very sustainable combinations from what’s offered through our sales packages. We can also take into account certified operators in the design of our packages, if the customer so wishes.

Take a look at our selection of sustainable tours and don’t forget to ask about other possibilities! In addition to what we’ve designed, you can also build your own tailored package to suit your desires.

What’s on offer from Visit Turku's sustainable tours

Eco-Heart – a label of sustainable service

The green Eco-Heart label is a new sustainable brand from Visit Turku. The brand denotes sustainably produced tours, packages, products, and services, provided by our partners, and which are available through our sales service. You will find the label in association with tours that are sustainably produced.


  1. The company has a certificate for sustainable tourism (or is in the process of applying).
  2. The company has received the Visit Finland STF mark or has joined the STF programme.
  3. The company is committed to the nationwide principles of sustainable tourism.
  4. Activities or services are easily verified as sustainable (e.g. walking tours).
  5. A product or service can be varied, so long as sustainability is considered at every stage (e.g. use of local producers, services, and food, and ecology impact).

Checklist for organising sustainable meetings

This serves as a checklist when making arrangements for meetings. If you follow these principles for sustainable activities as far as possible, you will help minimise the environmental impact of your meeting. Sustainable choices help reduce both the carbon footprint of an event and as well as associated costs through the reduction of waste.

Checklist for organising sustainable meetings