Booking terms and conditions

These booking conditions apply to group tours and programmes from Visit Turku Sales service, applicable to tours lasting 24 hours or less and without accommodation. You can order the group tour packages from Visit Turku sales simply by telephone or by sending us an email at To book the tour we always need the name of the group, billing address (at the point of making the order), the number of people and desired tour date and time. If you don’t find from our choice of packages one that suits you, we also tailor tours according to your wishes. In addition to the group packages, we can also separately provide guides to different sights.


Our package prices are based on adult prices during weekdays. Regarding children’s prices we would ask you to contact Visit Turku Sales for more details. Sundays and Sundays and public holidays prices are increased. The driver of the coach is always free of charge and then after going above a specific group size an additional free space will be provided for the group organizer. Package prices usually contain the services that have been mentioned in the package – normally guidance, entrance fees and possibly a lunch. The prices do not contain a coach or other form of transport (this does not include the cruise packages). The price includes the commission, taxes and VAT. Prices are set in Euros. Included in the guidance fees are social security contributions, administration fees, commission and VAT at 24%. We follow general agreed terms and conditions for tour packages. Visit Turku reserves the right to changes.


For every booking order you will always receive written confirmation of your reservation, either via email or by post. It is always a good idea to read the reservation confirmation through so that the dates and times correspond to what was agreed via email or on the telephone. The booking confirmation is worth taking with you on the tour. Our guide will have their own copy of the booking reservation (voucher). The booking confirmation is not valid as an invoice. The invoice will be sent to the billing address after your tour, electronic billing is also possible.

If your tour package includes any lunch or dinner reservations, we ask that you inform Visit Turku beforehand of any food-allergies as soon as possible, preferably at the point of reservation.


The booking is billed according to the reserved number of people. Changes to the number of people needs to be made at the latest 48 hours before the tour by contacting Visit Turku Sales Monday to Friday 9.00am-3:00pm. If the confirmed number of people exceeds the actual number of people on the tour then the charge will be for the actual number of people. If the agreed date of the group tour is changed, we reserve the right to charge a €10 administration fee. If the group is delayed from the set guide times as agreed, the guide will wait for 30 minutes at the designated meeting site and then carry out guidance for the agreed period. However, the group will still be subject to full payment of the guide.


All reservation cancellations and changes must be made immediately in writing to Visit Turku Sales by 3pm, available Monday to Friday. Cancellations or changes will be valid as of the date when the sales office has confirmed they have received the request.

Guide reservations

Tour guidance on its own can be cancelled without any expense up to 48 hours before the tour Monday to Friday. If the guidance is cancelled less than 48 hours before the tour, the minimum payment fee will be incurred. If the tour guidance is not cancelled but the tour is not carried out for one reason or another (e.g. no show) we will charge for the price of the whole guide service.

Group tour packages

Group tour packages must be cancelled between Monday and Friday 9am–3pm. Group tour packages will incur a €30 cancellation fee. If the group tour package includes meals or transport then cancellation must be made 10 days prior to the tour. Any cancellation of accommodation services, cruises or program services included in the package must be made 30 days prior to the tour. A more detailed cancellation policy regarding possible accommodation, cruise or program services will be delivered to the customer upon confirmation of booking. If the tour package cancellation occurs later than 10/30 days before the tour, the full price of the tour will be charged. If the group tour package cannot be cancelled but the trip, for one reason or another, is still implemented (i.e. a no show) then the full price of the package will be charged. we recommend that you have a valid travel insurance.

Visit Turku reserves the right to changes.

Further Information

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