Join the fun and ride along with Föri & Funi – Try Turku’s two ‘highly original’ public transport vehicles! Also, did you know that Turku has converted its grand old prison building into stylish apartments?

Join this tour and explore some of the more distinctive sides of Turku. With the local guide you are in good hands as you first depart on a ‘quaint’ little cruise aboard the unique and famous Föri city ferry. Then take a funicular ride inside the brand new Funi – not your everyday kind of public transport and quite a ‘captivating’ experience!

Funi takes you up to the city’s newest neighborhood of Kakolanmäki. This former prison area has now been transformed into a fantastic urban oasis full of fascinating facilities. Enjoy the fusion of old prison history mixed with a modern atmosphere.

Duration: 1 hr

Recommended group size: 10-25 people

Availability: year-round

Price: €98 on weekdays, Sundays and public holidays €159

For an additional fee: lunch/coffee

Walking distance: 1 km, the route is accessible, there is one ramp to the ferry