Turku Castle

Linnankatu 80
20100 Turku
+358 2 262 0300
The fortress of Turku Castle has stood at the edge of the river Aura since the 1280’s. During its history it has been a defensive bastion, a majestic court, an administrative centre, a prison, a storehouse and a barracks. Nowadays the castle is a must visit tourist attraction in Finland.

The halls and chambers of the castle have witnessed major turning points and dramatic events in history – from the misfortunes of incarcerated prisoners to royal visitors and the elegance of courtly life. The comprehensive exhibition of Turku Castle presents the castle’s history up to the present day. The elegant rooms of the Bailey are styled with periodic furniture, costumes and treasures of the museum’s collection.

In the Children’s Castle Knight’s Hall kids can dress as a princess or a knight and step into the world of a medieval court. In addition the Children’s Castle includes the Castle Workshop, the Mini-court and the Castle-Elf’s treasure chamber.

Exhibition Game of Power – Reformation in Finland

from 17 Feb

The Reformation in the kingdom began with Gustav Vasa, when matters of faith were intertwined with political power games.

At the Fatabur Museum Shop you’ll find gifts, souvenirs and costumes for your adventurous little knight or princess. Information to feed the imagination can be acquired from the shop’s range of books. In Duke John’s Cellar you can enjoy a refreshing cup of coffee or a delicious lunch as a break from your museum visit.