Measured by the number of islands, the Turku Archipelago, with its 40,000 or so islands and islets, is among the world’s largest. The three main destinations of this trip – Mathildedal, Pensar and Isokari – are absolute gems of the Finnish southwest coast. If you appreciate magnificent natural scenery, the tranquility of nature, an authentic cultural heritage and personal service, this trip is for you.

The route runs south to north, but the destinations are independent of one another, so you may choose to visit only one or two of them or change the order of your visit. You can tour the route in your own or a rental car, or opt for a combination of bus, taxi and bicycle. All the destinations are also accessible by boat, as they feature guest harbour services. If possible, take the time to visit Turku, the biggest city on the coast, or the idyllic small towns of Parainen (Pargas in Swedish) and Uusikaupunki. We recommend spending at least two nights at each destination. Let yourself be captivated by the scenery and cultural heritage of the archipelago.

  • Destination: Mathildedal ironworks village

The distance between Helsinki and Salo ca 120 km) or Turku and Salo (ca 55 km) is quickly covered by car, bus or train.  The idyllic ironworks villages of Teijo and Mathildedal lie a 20-kilometre car or taxi drive from Salo. The old ironworks buildings in Mathildedal, located on the coast right by Teijo Nationalpark house an exhibition of ironworks products from the 1800s onward, a shop as well as hotel, restaurant and cafe services. Manual skills continue to thrive in the alpaca spinning mill, bakery and brewery. Teijo National Park begins at the edge of the picturesque village. The sea, lake and bog landscapes offer a chance for relaxing hiking, paddling and fishing on your own or as part of a guided tour. Teijo village, located at a distance of five kilometers or so, features a golf course, a downhill car track and arts and crafts shops. Return trip from Mathildedal to Salo by car/taxi.
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  • Destination: Pensar island

From Salo, the trip continues by car or bus to Kaarina (Salo–Kaarina ca 45 km) and from there by car or taxi through the town of Parainen to the Granvik commuter ferry pier (Kaarina–Granvik ca 26 km). The one-hour ferry trip on board m/s Viken offers an enjoyable view of forested islands and small islets. Pensar Syd, a traditional holiday resort, is located around three kilometres from the Pensar ferry pier. Enjoy the impressive open-sea view across Gullkrona (“golden crown”) from the nature trail, take a dip in sheltered coves or marvel at the tranquility of the small village and the numerous deer on the island. Pensar Syd offers local food and unique accommodation options. It can also arrange boat trips by request, for example to the traditional landscape of Kråkskär island in the Archipelago National Park. The small history exhibition gives an overview of the island’s past role in Finland’s defence.
Return trip from Pensar on the commuter ferry to Granvik and from there by car or taxi to Parainen and by car or bus to Turku. You can also choose another commuter ferry (m/s Nordep), which will take you from Pensar to Kirjais, and from there you can visit Nauvo, a charming population centre offering several restaurants, accommodation services, a bustling guest harbour, a medieval stone church, an exhibition of the region’s maritime history, as well as shops. Return trip from Nauvo via Parainen to Turku (Nauvo–Turku ca 60 km including a free ferry trip, ca 1.5 km) by car or bus.
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  • Destination: Isokari lighthouse island

From Turku, take a car or bus to Uusikaupunki, around 70 kilometers away. Uusikaupunki is a charming wooden town celebrating its 400th anniversary 2017. Isokari can be reached by a water bus, m/s Kerttu, which operates in the summer months and leaves from the archipelago ferry pier. You can spend the 1.5-hour journey on the sun deck or inside, watching the scenery change over the 20-kilometre stretch from sheltered inner islands to ruggedly beautiful outer islands. The Isokari lighthouse island is an incredibly fascinating destination in the Bothnian Sea National Park. The landscape is dominated by the lighthouse, completed in 1833, which rises 49.4 metres above sea level. You can stay overnight in a hotel room in the lighthouse keeper’s home. During a guided tour, you will hear stories about the island’s lighthouse, pilot and defence operations and can climb up the lighthouse to admire the view from the top. The island has diverse natural surroundings: you can wander along the rocks, enjoy the wildflowers or make acquaintance with the island’s sheep.
Return trip from Isokari by water bus to Uusikaupunki and from there by car or bus to Turku.

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