This tour will pass through interesting destinations, providing detours that allow you to become familiar with the way of life in the maritime coastal towns of western Finland. Towns that combine busy harbours with a rich cultural history.

Wander in the footsteps of local residents on their favourite routes, see modern and historical homes, and enjoy local delicacies in the markets, cafes and restaurants. Visit the café at a local’s home and experience the Finnish sauna, a traditional place of cleansing and relaxation. The accommodation suggestions provided are places with character, and if you want a homely environment then you can search through Airbnb.

Duration: 4-5 days
Availability: year-round
Accessibility requirements: car, own or rental
Departure days: Tue-Fri (Wahlberg)

Local Events:

The herring and fish markets are a tradition of the old harbour towns. Markets are mainly held in the autumn.

In some of the old towns the areas of wooden houses open their doors to visitors. Residents allow access to the courtyards and some present their way of life indoors. Such days are held annually from July-September: in Turku at the Portsa courtyard markets, in Uusikaupunki at the Uusikaupunki Old Houses, in Rauma in the open courtyards of Old Rauma, and in Pori in the courtyards of Reposaari.

A Restaurant Day is a day when anyone can sell a meal on the street or in their home. Such days are organised a couple of times a year.

Cleaning Days are days when you can create space and make cleaning easier by selling extra stuff on the street. These events are organised a few of times a year.

Tour description (Turku - Uusikaupunki - Rauma - Pori):
For more information about accommodation, activities, boutiques, cafes and restaurants and places to visit, ask from our Sales or each cities' Tourist information or check their websites!