The theme of this walking tour is the history of sexuality and diversity in Turku. What did people think about same-sex love and same-sex relationships in the past? How about trans people?

Come and explore the sexual and gender minorities in Turku across the centuries. Take a journey through the city and discover what have been the famous meeting spots in Turku over the years. The Queer Walk provides a historical perspective from ancient times until the 20th Century. During the walk also the legislative and medical attitudes and approaches toward sexuality and gender over the centuries will be discussed.

The tour enlightens participants not only on what has been written on the pages in history books but also the interesting ways these issues have been discussed and spoken about across the different eras.

Duration: 1.5 hrs.

Recommended group size: 10-25 people

Availability: year-round

Prices: weekdays €116, Sundays and public holidays €196

Inc. guidance for 1.5 hrs.

Walking distance of the tour: approx. 2.5 km

For an additional fee: coffee/lunch, Food Walk card, Kiss my Turku products as souvenirs

Accessible tour