Would you like to learn to program a Lego robot? This workshop is a fun way to learn about programmability of objects and build and program your own robot.

The Lego Mindstorm Robot workshop is an activity in which the participants will build and design Lego robots in smaller groups with the guidance of an assistant. During this workshop you will learn how to program Lego robots, which are able to move and to perform various tasks. In the afternoon there will be an exciting competition where the Lego robots do various tasks and compete with each other’s.

Come and find your creativity and improve your team working skills! The whole workshop is guided and supervised by a Lego expert. This fun activity suits both adults and children.

Duration: 5 hours

Location: The Botanical Garden in Ruissalo

Group: max. 25 pax

Price: €1200 /group

Incl. instruction, equipment and materials

For an additional fee: introduction to The Botanical Garden by a scientist