This walking tour takes you to one of the most famous neighbourhoods in Turku.

The tour starts at the entrance to St. Michaels’s church. First we’ll walk around the building, admiring its unique and beautiful architecture. Why is it that the architect didn’t like his work when the people of Turku so loves it. Next we’ll find out more about the part of the city where St. Michael’s church is situated, Port Arthur.

Where does this unusual name come from? Why is it that there is such a large area of the city where the buildings are made mostly from wood? Why wood? What is it about Port Arthur that makes it so unique and such a popular place to live?

We will be walking quite a bit during the tour so dress for the weather and wear comfortable footwear.

Duration: 1.5 hrs

Recommended group size: max 25 people/guide

Availability: year round

Price: weekdays €116
Sundays and public holidays €196

Inc. 1.5 hrs guidance

For an additional fee: entrance to the St. Michael’s Church, coffee/lunch

The route includes cobblestones