During the day get to know this carefully prepared, traditional dish whilst also enjoying delicious food, good company and a spirit of togetherness in the great outdoors.

In the morning you’re introduced to barbecue pit digging, the proper way to build a campfire and the correct method for preparing meat. Around midday the meat is set down in the barbecue pit. In the afternoon you can monitor the meat in the pit whilst enjoying grilled sausages, flame-cooked salmon and cold drinks beside the warm campfire. In the evening taste the newly roasted meat at either the Spa restaurant  Merisali or by the beach barbecue grill.

10–20 people €45 /pp
21–50 people €42 /pp

For an additional fee: grilled sausages, flame-cooked salmon and cold drinks
For an additional fee: activities in Ruissalo Spa or outdoors, accommodation in Ruissalo Spa.

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