Turku, the original capital and oldest city in Finland, as well as Ruissalon Maininki, will be featured on Restaurants on the Edge, a new lifestyle series produced by marblemedia, set to premiere its second season on Netflix on May 8. Situated right where the Finnish Archipelago begins, at the doorstep of more than 40,000 islands, Turku is quickly gaining the reputation as the food capital of Finland, where the freshest archipelago ingredients meet the most modern Nordic culinary trends.

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Restaurants on the Edge is an original restaurant makeover docuseries for all ages that invites viewers into a wide range of restaurants, situated in some of the world’s most stunning locations. However, despite their outstanding locations, these eateries haven’t been able to create a special dining experience that lives up to their magnificent views. 

As first-time restaurant owners in Turku, Finland, married couple Turo Jokinen and Marina Björkenheim-Jokinen need a modern update to their stuffy yacht club eatery, Ruissalon Maininki. While trying to adjust to the major learning curve of being first-time restaurant owners, Turo and Marina summon the help of Restaurants on the Edge in hopes that they can give new identity and purpose to the restaurant. 

– We were so lucky that the producers choose our lovely restaurant in Turku to be part of the show. It was an experience we will never forget and a once in a lifetime opportunity, says Jokinen. – We absolutely love the new and fresh look of the restaurant and we hope visitors love it too.


In the one-hour episode, a team of three experts – a restauranteur, Nick Liberato, a designer, Karin Bohn, and a chef, Dennis Prescott – visit the restaurant and embark on a journey to not only transform it, but also the owner’s outlook. To do this, the experts spend time tapping into the unique soul of the restaurant’s local surroundings in Turku, and its supporting community. With a positive and uplifting approach, they’ll look to incorporate local tastes, flavors and textures into a revamped and remodeled business, finally creating an inspiration restaurant worthy of its incredible view and special location.

Often overlooked for its Scandinavian neighbors, Finland is home to vast horizons of forests, lakes, northern lights, midnight sun, and more than 3 million saunas. In recent years, Finland has been gaining traction as one of the hottest food scenes in the world, through their innovative use of natural ingredients in Nordic cuisine, specifically in the bustling culinary city of Turku. The medieval city on the south west coast of Finland is known for its contemporary Scandinavian cuisine and laid-back restaurants, and the show takes a deeper dive into the city’s rich stories about food and culture, inspiring viewers and travelers alike to visit the emerging destination. 

Restaurants on the Edge is available to stream on Netflix now. For information on the series, please visit www.restaurantsontheedge.com and for more information on Ruissalon Maininki, please visit www.ruissalonmaininki.fi. To learn about destinations Turku and Finland, please visit www.kissmyturku.com and www.visitfinland.com.