This guided tour will introduce you to the medieval history of Turku and Finland and also to the architectural side of Turku.

Explore on foot the signature buildings of Turku’s modern architecture alongside other fascinating structures. Architect Alvar Aalto resided in Turku between 1927 and 1933. During this time Turku played a significant role in the emergence of new architecture and furniture design. On this tour a guide will introduce you to the exterior of three transitional works of Aalto’s functionalism: the Maalaistentalo, the Turun Sanomat as well as the standard apartment building.
Having established his own office here in Turku at the beginning of the 1920’s, Erik Bryggman was one of the earliest representatives of functionalism in Finnish architecture. Among others, the tour presents his Hotel Hospits, Atrium and Student Union buildings. In 2016 the 125th birthday anniversary of Erik Bryggman will be celebrated.

Following the walking tour, enjoy lunch in city center restaurant.

The attractions on the medieval tour are Turku Cathedral, Turku Castle and the Aboa Vetus Museum. As the National Sanctuary of Finland since the 1300’s, Turku Cathedral is steeped in history. In addition to the Cathedral you will discover much about old Turku at Aboa Vetus, where the excavated foundations reveal the medieval lanes of the old quarter and are left exposed for the fascination of visitors. The third destination – 700 year-old Turku Castle – offers much to experience. From the top floor, renaissance banquet halls and the round tower prisoner cells, to the scale models of the castle detailing its historical development through to the present day.

The tour is made with groups via their own coach. Bus transportation can be arranged on your behalf.

Duration: 6,5 hours

Recommended group size: 20-30 people (a second guide will be provided for groups over 30 people)

Availability: year-round subject to museum opening times

10-20 people €73,50 /pp,
21-30 people €58,50 /pp,
31-40 people €63,50 /pp,
41-50 people €58,50 /pp 
(Tue-Sat, summer months Mon-Sat, on Sundays and public holidays the prices are higher)

Prices include 6,5 hours of guidance, visits inside the Cathedral, Turku Castle and Aboa Vetus, as well as entrance fees to these sights. Does not include bus coach transportation

For extra fee: transportation, coffee/lunch, accommodation

Not suitable for those with walking difficulties.