The area of Meri-Teijo is both a culturally and historically significant industrial area, which is represented by the ironworks factory dating from the 1800s.

The tour will visit the Mathildedal ironworks village and its historic red-earth buildings, manor house milieu and the old factory found in a region full of outstanding nature close to the sea. The tour begins by enjoying coffee and pastry in the Kyläkonttori cafe, followed by a walk to the ironworks factory as the guide explains the history of the old buildings.
Delve into the Teijo ironworks, the area’s history and present day as well as visit the Teijo Factory Centenary Exhibition. Afterwards the group will visit to alpaca farm and mill. Here you’ll get to know the alpaca’s way of life, how the wool is turned into alpaca products as well as watch them grazing in the field. The trip ends with lunch in the Ruukin Krouvi restaurant. Shopping possibilities during the tour in boutiques.

Driving time from Turku to Meri-Teijo takes about an hour (80 km). The tour is conducted with the group's own private bus. Bus transportation can be arranged on your behalf.

Duration: About 4 hrs on site (+ travelling time)

Availability: year-round (min 20 pax)
1.9.-31.5. Mon-Sat: €44 /pp
1.6.-31.8. and on weekends: €49 /pp

Includes guide services on site, coffee break and lunch.

For an additional fee: A guide throughout the tour