Kakolanmäki Hill

20100 Turku
Turku certainly has no shortage of national heritage landscapes, one of them being the view from the Aura to Kakolanmäki Hill, which was formerly the home of prisoners.

Kakolanmäki is one of seven hills in Turku. Until 2007, the hill was home to the Turku Provincial Prison. After the prisoners were moved to Saramäki Prison.

The National Board of Antiquities has named Kakolanmäki Hill one of Finland's most important Built Heritage sites. Completed in 1853, the prison building was built using granite taken from Kakolanmäki Hill itself.

Over the years, Kakolanmäki housed a veritable cavalcade of infamous felons. Some of its more famous inmates include ruthless Matti Haapoja and con-man Pertti Ylermi "The Count" Lindgren.