Take the reigns in hand and gallop down to enjoy the racing atmosphere!

The beauty, grace and athleticism of our equine friends is a sight to behold! On this guided tour get to know the fast-paced world of horses and harness racing at Turku’s Metsämäki hippodrome!
In addition to some racing knowledge and gaming guidance you’ll also get to meet the horses, as the tour visits the stable area. After the guided part of the tour is done, you can relax and follow the races, or go dining, gaming and socializing!

Duration: 2 hrs

Recommended group size: 10–20 people.

5–9 people €37 /pp,
10–14 people €25 /pp,
15–19 people €21 /pp,
20–25 people €19 /pp.

Special instructions: Race days you’ll find from Turku Hippos’ race calendar: www.turunhippos.fi/kalenteri.

For an additional fee: Food and/or bus transport.