On this tour get to know the different eras of Finnish architecture from four west coast cities, from manors, ironworks and villages, from the old wooden towns and churches as well as from architect Alvar Aalto.

The art and design of today is introduced in the museums, boutiques and studios. Via car and on foot the tour guides you through many fascinating destinations.

Duration: 4-5 days
Availability: year-round
Accessibility requirements: car, own or rental
Departure days: Tue-Fri

Route description:
Day 1 – The route: Turku – Naantali – Uusikaupunki, 91 km
Day 2 – The route: Uusikaupunki – Pyhäranta – Rauma, 48 km
Day 3 – The route: Rauma – Eurajoki – Luvia – Noormarkku –  Pori, 92 km
Day 4 – The route: Pori – Kauttua – Laitila – Mynämäki – Nousiainen – Turku, 162 km
Day 5  depart

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