Why does Nuppu the horse enjoy downtown Turku so much? And why is there a 400-page biography of a Flea?

This popular tour for animal lovers focuses on the animal inhabitants of Turku. In addition to pets, the city is home to delightful characters such as squirrels and birds, as well as cunning foxes.

During the guided walking tour, hear about the regular animal life of the city as well as those less likely to venture into the urban heart of Turku, such as deer swimming in the River Aura. We also hear about how the work of Turku’s Animal Welfare Supervisor has changed over time. Listen to fun stories about working with animals as well as about the guests of the shelter themselves, such as a penguin’s exploration of the city.

Duration: 1,5 hrs

Walking distance  1,5 km

Recommended group size: maximum 25 people/guide

Availability: year-round 

Prices: weekdays €116, Sundays and public holidays €196
Includes 1,5 hrs guidance

For an additional fee: lunch, coffee and a visit to the Biological Museum, the Animal Museum of the University of Turku or the Aboa Vetus Bone Tales exhibition

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