Business is booming in the region of Turku – come and find out why!

Unique in the Nordic countries, Joki – Finland’s first regional visitor centre – is a diverse and interactive concept. Throughout the year, it provides interactive exhibitions and fresh perspectives on the business ecosystem, urban development and attractions of the local region.

Located at the heart of the Turku campus area (Lemminkäisenkatu 12B), the visitor centre is a modern exhibition space for innovation, business and research. In the stylish premises, the companies and universities of the Turku region, as well as the City of Turku, present their current  activities and issues, as well as promoting the Turku region as an innovative, competitive and developing environment.

During the tour you’ll get to know Turku and the area’s diverse economic life, it’s seeds of growth, the present day and particularly the prospects for the future. Predominately featured in the digital showrooms are local businesses, innovations and education. Aspects of the City of Turku’s own exhibition include city planning, urban development and the theme of the Smart City.

Duration: 1 hrs

Recommended group size: 15–30 people

Availability: year-round, Mon–Fri

Price: guidance €95 on weekdays

Incl. 1 hrs guidance

For an additional fee: coffee or lunch, Meyer Turku tour