Turku Philharmonic Orchestra



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  • Turun filharmoninen orkesteri (esite/2011)
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The Turku Philharmonic Orchestra is one of Finland's largest orchestras, whose roots can be traced back to 1790, when the Musical Society of Turku was founded. 

The Orchestra’s repertoire is a diverse combination of classical symphonies and lighter entertainment, with top artists of our own as well as from elsewhere. In addition to traditional concerts the Philharmonic music is now found online - tune in and enjoy the concerts via your computer. For the entire Philharmonic repertoire as well as additional information www.tfo.fi
The programme, designed by Chief Conductor Leif Segerstam, includes both classic gems as well as more recent works. As well as accommodating the more spectacular major works, there are also cherished concertos and smaller delights for the whole family. The musicians can also be heard performing in different parts of the city in their own chamber ensembles.


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