Turku Archipelago

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Is the Turku Archipelago the most beautiful in the world, or does it just seem that way?

The Turku Archipelago is certainly one of the most prolific in the world: a total of some 20,000 islands and skerries, most in their pristine natural state, are scattered from Turku all the way out to the Åland Islands. Archipelago National Park encompasses a broad swath of the Turku Archipelago. 

Inhabited islands in the Turku Archipelago can be reached by inter-island ferries and many islands are even accessible by bicycle, just to name one. Many stretches between islands are served by ferries, of which there are dozens throughout the archipelago region. The region also boasts dozens of guest harbours.

Even though the best thing about the archipelago is its maritime nature, there is also no shortage of cultural offerings here. There are countless old archipelago parish churches, excellent museums, outstanding hotels, cosy cafés and fine dining establishments. 

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