21660 Nagu
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Situated in the southern Airisto near the town of Nagu, Seili is a charming island with fantastic nature and a particularly unusual history. It also has a significant role as a research centre. The old buildings have been brought to life by converting them to a restaurant, a café and guest accommodation.

Overnight lodging, catering, event organisation and complementary services are all just a two-hour sea voyage away from Turku. Its situation along the Short Archipelago Trail and accessibility via the sea from the River Aura in Turku, make Seili an inviting archipelago excursion.

The archipelago brings time, tranquillity and unforgettable experiences. There are several types of accommodation available on Seili, suitable for either the whole family or as a romantic weekend getaway. When a busy day gives way to a sedate evening, the melody of birdsong is the only sound heard from the pier.

Guided tours are also organised on Seili, during which you can explore the history, the nature and the research conducted on the island. The tours also take you to visit Seili’s beautiful wooden church.

During summer Seili’s restaurant offers a daily lunch buffet as well as à la carte dining in the evening. For large groups and celebratory events the island services are available throughout the year.

Further information