The Theme for this year´s Art Festival is Missing language, characteristic for encounters and expression in our time of change, movement and globalization.

Through environmental and community art, installations, performances, dance, workshops, digital art, sound art, videos, stories, and more, Olohuone artists comment on the nature of language, communication challenges ranging from intimate relationships to international political spheres, and ideas and feelings that language cannot describe.

Even if we have the same language, can we even fully understand each other? In 2018, Finland is a country where people can live in the same city but simultaneously in very different political, social and cultural realities. What kind of language do we need now? Our theme returns to the essential role of art in human experience, and its unique ability to communicate what spoken or written language cannot express. The festival footprint mirrors this return to roots, and centers on the heart and history of Turku, with each of the projects and events happening in sites around the city center.

New Experiences for the Audience

Olohuone 306,4 km2 brings forth nine artists and working groups. Their artworks and presentations can be seen, heard and experienced in various locations in the city center. Just imagine a huge, white tent where hospice is given to the dawning mankind, a living bundle of dancers constantly reforming itself, or magical voices in the air, speaking as you walk by.

There are windows through which you can see into life inside a prison, and tiny figures trying to make sense of an urban landscape. At workshops you can learn how to become any object that you choose. A strange creature can be seen hanging over water, distance between peoples’ hearts is being illuminated, and, on four occasions, a surprise sound performance takes place. All events are free and open for all (some require pre-registration).

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