Turku will present itself in Stockholm during the STHLM/SUOMI street party in Stockholm at the end of August. It is the largest public event of Finland’s centenary celebration organised outside Finland.

The happy anniversary of Finland will be celebrated during three days right at the centre of Stockholm, in the market and park area of Kungsträdgården between 24 August and 26 August. The street party is open for everyone and as many as 100 000 visitors are expected.

– Turku was invited to Stockholm because we share a long history and we collaborate closely with Sweden and the city of Stockholm. And we are of course proud to showcase the city during Finland’s centenary celebration, says Saara Malila, Director of Communications at the City of Turku.

Finland will be introduced in Stockholm through a diverse programme. Almost 300 artists will perform during the street party; in addition to music, stand-up comedy, children’s theatre, circus arts and meetings with writers will be seen on stage. The event days will also include a mini match between Sweden and Finland, exhibitions and current panel discussions – without forgetting tasty food, sauna or Moomintroll.

The event will be hosted by the media professional and writer Mark Levengood and the actress Maria Sid.

Turku will present the city in three containers

During the event, a large Finland 100 area will be constructed in Kungsträdgården, the centre of Stockholm.

Turku has been reserved its own area in an excellent place right next to the main event stage. Turku will be bringing three containers in the area where the city is introduced from different viewpoints. Turku also has performances on the main stage of the event.

The presentations by Turku have been planned in collaboration with the Embassy of Finland in Stockholm. The Embassy requested for a bold, innovative and modern approach to Turku.

One of the containers of Turku will present a Tom of Finland art exhibition, another container is the renowned and popular rave container of the Ruisrock festival and the third container includes a design shop concept from Turku called Puf, selling Turku-themed products. Two numbers from the Tom of Finland musical performed in Turku City Theatre will be performed on the main stage on Saturday.

A large screen will be attached to the containers with Turku advertisements and information about the autumn of culture, the selection of cultural institutions and agents and Visit Turku material.

In addition to Turku, the Finnish cities will be represented by Tampere. Tampere will be introducing the recently opened Moomin Museum and showcasing itself as a city of events.

The common theme is Together

The theme of Finland’s centenary celebration is Together, and it forms the core of the STHLM/SUOMI event.

– Finland and Sweden are very close neighbours and fond of each other so naturally we want to celebrate Finland’s historic anniversary together with the Swedish people. At the same time, we wish to celebrate the lively collaboration between Finland and Sweden, says Niina Hyrsky, Press Officer atthe Embassy of Finland in Stockholm.

We want to celebrate Finland’s historic anniversary together with the Swedish people.

Niina Hyrsky

– Not everybody can travel to Finland during the centenary celebration, so we want to bring some of the best bits of the lively centenarian here in Stockholm.

Sweden and Finland will officially be represented in the event by the royal pair in Sweden, the President of the Republic of Finland and his wife and the prime ministers of both countries. Turku will be represented by City Mayor Aleksi Randell and in the panel discussion organised in Kungsträdgården, Professor Alf Rehn from Åbo Akademi. The topic of the discussion will be the future and opportunities of economic collaboration between Finland and Sweden.

The main partner companies of the Sthlm/Suomi event are Stora Enso, Fazer and Viking Line. Many other companies and organisations are involved in organising the event. The event is coordinated by the Embassy of Finland in Sweden in collaboration with the brand experience agency PS Communication.