Live Like a Local gathers all of the best tips for summer activities within the Turku region. The range includes scheduled and guaranteed programmes as well as activities which can be carried out at one’s leisure. The tips are presented per day, so that the viewers can easily figure out what is available and when. Take your pick!

Live Like a Local offers a wide range of activities for people of all ages. The day-per-day listing includes guided tours subject to a charge, as well as programmes available at a certain time, such as paddling tours, day trips to the archipelago, or open sauna hours.

The section also includes several tips for local places where the Turku atmosphere can be enjoyed for a small fee or free of charge, by both adults and families with children.

The tips and programmes apply for the entire summer season, so you can use the Live Like a Local section to plan your trip in good time. There are events available throughout the summer, and the day-by-day presentation provides an easy way to see what the Turku region offers on any given day.

The social media hashtag #localturku is well worth following. You can also share your favourite places and recommendations on great places to visit in Turku using the hashtag.

The Live Like a Local site is available at