This walking tour will take the visitor to places they are unlikely to discover with a map and their own curiosity.

In the company of the guide you can experience the Turku that hides itself behind the postcards, the tourist advertisements and the traditional history. During the tour hear the stories of the tunnels, cellars and underground treasures which lay beneath the town of Turku, in the shadowy lanes off the beaten track. If you so desire you can hear the gruesome stories of the city’s criminal underworld, executions, ghosts and the nightlife of Turku.  
Duration: 2 hours

Availability: year-round

Recommended group size: max 25 persons

Prices: Guidance €128 on weekdays, €227 on Sundays/Public Holidays  

Prices includes 2 hours of guidance  

For an additional fee the tour can be given as a bus tour, which is to cover the cost of the bus