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Come to Naantali and experience how the stories of Tove Jansson come to life in the heart of archipelago. In the summer of 2014 the failytale characters on Kailo island will celebrate to mark one hindred years since the birth of the author.

Moominworld is a theme park based on the beloved stories of Finnish writer and artist, Tove Jansson, opened in 1993 on the verdant island opposite the old town of Naantali. First opened 20 years ago last summer, Moominworld is a real paradise of children’s culture – and an outstanding family destination!

Born in 1914, Tove Jansson grew to become a great artistwhose character creations, the Moomins,came to be known throughout the world.

In the summer of 2014 Moominworld makes a return to its roots to where the fairytalebegan. Long Live the Fairytale! is the park’s theme for the entire summer. In Tove’s honour Moominworld’s Whileaway Park has created the Fairytale Forest, where you can relax and enjoy listening to the Moomin stories on audio book.

Plan at least one day for your visit because there is so much to see and do. With the Moomin’s blue house, Snork’s Flying machine, Theatre Emma’s shows, the Fairytale Trail, the beach, Moominpappa’s boat and many other fun places to explore, you won’t want to rush.

In Moominworld you’ll also get to meet the Moomin family and their colourful friends. For many children hugging them is the highlight of the summer. There is also a busy programme and plenty to do alongside the residents of Moomin Valley.

The admission fee includes two Moomin plays, where A Day in Moominworld takes you to the fairytale world. The other play is a musical that will delight everyone no matter what language you speak.

Moominpappa’s special trail take’s you to such places as Snufkin’s camp, Snork’s Workshop and the Fairytale Forest. From the Lookout Point can be seen the Finnish President’s grand summer house, Kultaranta.

On the Hattifatteners’ fairytale trail live the Witch and Groke. Those who follow the path will also find the Wonky rope-bridge and the Florid labyrinth.

From Mamma’s Kitchen and other food outlets in Moominworld you’ll receive proper home-cooked food. You can buy souvenirs from the Sniff ’s Shop and greeting cards from the Moomin Post Office. In the Old Town of Naantali, you’ll find another Moomin Shop, or visit th online store –

Check the arrival instructions online. Youcan also get to Moominworld direct from Turku via a sea voyage aboard S/S Ukkopekka.

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