Kurjenrahka National Park

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Kurjenrahka National Park – nature at the edge of city culture. Take a detour from the hustle and bustle of the Turku city, for either a few hours or for a day/night trip, and immerse yourself in the nature of Kurjenrahka. Kurjenrahka gets its name from the marshland habitat of the elegant long-legged cranes, but boasts all sorts of flora and fauna, including owls in the springtime. With a good covering of snow, the ski trails even take you into the centre of the peaceful marshlands during winter.

Kurjenrahka National Park is only 40 km away from Turku, a mere half an hour’s drive from the city. Along the road (route 204, Turku–Yläne) signs direct you to the Kurjenpesä parking area, where you can easily access the park’s most popular routes along the 6 km Savojärvi lake tour. The route leads you through the marshlands on footbridges, with resting areas along the way. In the forecourt of the Kurjenpesä Nature Information Hut is a cooking shelter and compost toilet. Another tour popular amongst day visitors is the Pukkipalo trial (5.5 km). 

Disability access is a central part of the Kurjenpesä environment. From the parking area the Kuhankuono boundary stone and Kurjenpesä Nature Information Hut are accessible for both wheelchair users and families with child buggies. The route is not maintained during winter. In Kurjenpesä’s forecourt there is also a wheelchair accessible compost toilet and cooking shelter. In winter the parking area and Kurjenpesä forecourt are cleared of snow, maintaining the availability of the toilet and cooking shelter.

The National Park trails of the Kuhankuono hiking routes form a large and diverse trail network, where you can select routes and suitable distances according to conditions and availability. On offer are invigorating hourly strolls as well as journeys lasting two or three days. Overnight visitors to the National Park area have the use of three shelters: Lakjärvi, Töykkälä and Vajosuo.

Straight from the City Center to the outskirts of Kurjenrahka National Park

Föli is starting to drive a route to Kurjenrahka National Park/Kuhankuono on 23 April 2019 and continue to do so until 22 September 2019. The busses 21 and 23 leave from the City Center, Puutori, and stop at the edge of Kurjenrahka National Park, where there is only a 200 meter walk on a guided path to the nearest hiking trail. On Wednesday and Saturday there is also a free transportation from Kuhankuono bus stop to the Yläne Luontokapinetti. So come enjoy Finnish nature at its finest and jump on a Föli-bus!