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Jazz City Turku is a unique concept, which turns Turku into a dazzling European city of Jazz! The big three contributors that form the jazz extravaganza are the Flame Jazz concert series, the big band Turku Jazz Orchestra and Finland’s second oldest jazz event, the Turku Jazz Festival.

Every year, Jazz City Turku performs nearly 70 concerts and events at a variety of venues, from the small nightclubs in the city centre to the Baltic Sea cruise ships, Logomo and the River Aura. The mission is to enliven central Turku and to provide both the region’s residents and tourists alike with high quality cultural experiences from the experts in rhythm.

The autumn programme from Flame Jazz features stunning Swedish singers, Baltic Sea conservation, chess, young talent and much more. Already in September, lovers of jazz will be spoilt with the advent of the 13th Flame Jazz Cruise. In November at Sigyn Hall, for the first time in their history, hear Turku Jazz Orchestra play a piece specifically created for the big band, composed by Turku-born pianist-composer Henri Lyysaari. The highlight of the spring season is celebrated in March with the spectacular 50th anniversary of the Turku Jazz Festival.

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