Forum Sauna

Kurjenmäenkatu 17
20720 Turku
+358 50 588 5013
Sauna holds a place in the hearts of every Finnish person. It cherishes the traditional values and respect for health and purification treatments, of which the sauna is the most prominent.

Turku's only Public Sauna

True sauna culture has existed in Turku since 1927, and in Kurjenmäki since 1941. A public sauna for both women and men is open on Fridays from 3pm to 6pm.

Sauna services

In Forum Sauna are two saunas as well as washing and changing rooms with facilities for about 20 people on each side. The changing rooms have lockers. Places for the public sauna do not need to be reserved. There is also no restriction on duration. Traditional birch branch purification is permitted, you can bring your own or get some from us. Other services include towel rental, refreshments, sauna and washing products as well as therapy products, all for sale.

Washer service

On Fridays there is also a traditional washer service that can be booked. Washer and cleanse-massage services are ordered from the washer on arrival. These services cannot be pre-booked and customers are served on a first-come first-serve basis. In addition there is the opportunity to have a cleansing massage.

Cupping therapy since 1990

We have provided the old traditional therapy of cupping since 1990. Regular cupping days are from Monday to Thursday. Cupping is only available by appointment, with treatment lasting 1½ hours. You can come on your own or together with a friend.

Mud therapy since 1997

Forum Sauna’s mud treatments include full body baths, which are always accompanied by a relaxing pre-bath sauna to open up the pores. Another popular way to enjoy the mud therapy is in a group. Come, relax and enjoy with your own group of 5–10 people. Treatment time is approximately two hours.

Hirudin therapy / Leech treatment

The leech has been used for various medicinal purposes since ancient times.

Sauna therapy training

Sauna therapy training began in Finland in 2005 and we have been developing it as a unified programme.

Our aim is to increase the traditional use of the sauna, both for self-treatment as well as use in therapy. With training you can acquire a completely new profession or combine it with other therapies. The trainers are Mervi Hongisto and Merja Pihlajamäki. Read more at: (in Finnish).

Forum infrared sauna

In addition to traditional cleansing treatments it is possible to us the infrared sauna. You can combine the infrared sauna with other treatments or use it on its own. You can use the infrared sauna on your own or in a group. The sauna is suitable for up to six people at a time and treatment lasts 30–45 minutes.

Possible treatment combinations (for both individuals and groups): Bridal sauna, mud sauna, cupping therapy, stream treatment, water therapy, individual treatment, naturopathy and more.

Saunan7salaisuutta product range

It is important for us to be able to offer you pure and organic body care products, suitable for everyday use. Through the range we raise up local traditions, Finnish authenticity, beauty and convenience. Joy for your skin and hair. We want to promote purity and health for those of every age, as well as use of sauna therapies both home and at the salon. Discover the secrets of our sauna products, enjoy and be happy. (in Finnish)