Tykistökatu 2–4
20520 Turku
Best things to do with locals

Doerz helps travellers find real-life experiences with locals.

Experience berry picking with Marjatta, vintage and flea market shopping with Ida or beer tasting with Tapani. See their everyday life and get to know the real locals. There's over 50 of them waiting for you in Turku!

Our Hidden Heroes - the people providing the authentic local experiences - are the core of the Doerz community. These days meeting these awesome locals and being able to experience the city through their eyes is something people are looking to find - no one wants to be a tourist anymore!

How to book the experiences?

Some of our Doerz list events: you can book a spot for you or your group for a fixed date and time. And some of them prefer organizing on-demand events - the event is tailored for you, and they are eagerly waiting for you to ask for an offer from them.

Through our App you can also “get ideas” for what to do in Turku. We find the perfect ones for you, after which our Doerz offer you things to do whenever you want to do them. For that you’ll need the Doerz App from Google Play or App Store.

All bookings and payments happen online. As payment, we accept debit and credit cards, Alipay, Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

Go and check out the listings and get to know the people, we’ve got some real gems there!