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Dance Theatre ERI was founded in 1989 by renowned Finnish dancer/choreographers Tiina Lindfors, Lassi Sairela and Eeva Soini. The group rapidly rose to fame through their unique and impressive dance performances, both in Finland and abroad.

Over the past 30 years, ERI has created a bold and wide-ranging repertory, which now comprises over 120 works. The theatre undertakes approximately 130 performances a year, 3-4 of which are premiere performances. In addition to Finland, ERI has performed in, for example, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Estonia, Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Benin, United States, Japan and China. A large number of ERI's dance performances have also been televised.

The theatre has been awarded the Art Prize of Finland Proper, and in 1995 they received the Suomi-prize in recognition of their artistic work. In addition to this, individual members of the ensemble have received numerous grants and awards. Most recently, the theatre received the Aurora Medal in 2013 from the Regional Council of Southwest Finland, as well as the Naamio Award from the Turku Theatre Association in 2009.

The outrageous, hilarious and touching piece Focal Point opens Dance Theatre ERI’s 30th anniversary celebrations. Writer Tommi Kinnunen and choreographers Lassi Sairela and Eeva Soini continue their cooperation that began with the publicly adored presentation One Hundred in the Glass. This time they encounter on stage business angels and a change consultant. In the course of the evening, the butterflies’ short flight and a management group up in the clouds take the audience to unexpected heights. The participants in the rowing race on the river of Tuonela, the realm of the dead, reach their goal, boots first. The piece is also connected to the celebration of the 40-year artistic career of lighting director Esa Kyllönen.

  • Premiere: 30th January at 7pm
  • Other performances: 2nd February–5th April
  • Duration: 2 hours (inc. intermission)

For many, Tiina Lindfors’ Passion is becoming an Easter tradition. Music for the piece has been created by composer Arvo Pärt. In Dance Theatre ERI’s intimate venue, audiences can embrace the performance at close quarters. The multi-sensory experience becomes more intense.  Movements, lighting and music together convey the story more powerfully than with words. Esa Kyllönen’s ingenious lighting perfectly compliments the drama, whilst the choreography leads the audience on a personal journey through the powerful Easter tragedy. The production includes the entire ERI ensemble, with Helena Romppanen in the role of Simon of Cyrene. The mantle of Jesus is born by both women and men, with the entire performance emphasising Christ’s universal message of love.

  • Performances: 18 – 21st April at 7pm
  • Duration: 1 hour (no intermission)

In honour of the anniversary year, ERI introduces to the repertoire a colourful fairy tale for the whole family, Alice in Wonderland. Choreographer James McNamara adapts the classic of children’s English literature, the magical tale of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll. Through dance and the visual presentation, the imaginative adventure is interwoven with plenty of humour whilst still respecting the character of the story. The performance takes about 40 minutes without intermission. Alice in Wonderland is directed and choreographed by ERI’s British affiliate James McNamara. During his career, McNamara has also worked in dance productions for children at places such as Disneyland Paris, the BBC as well as on London’s West End.

  • Premiere: 4th May at 2pm
  • Other performances: 5–25th May
  • Duration: 40 min (no intermission)

Dance Theatre ERI’s autumn begins with Baila Afrika – Village Party. The air ripples with salt and breezes across the Gulf of Guinea. The majestic crests of the waves dwell, like a dream, before breaking on the shore. The swaying palm trees echo the same magical, slow, enchanting dance. Guests can expect exotic colours and flavours, drums and magical rhythms as well as intoxicating dancing. Drum virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist from Benin, Noel Saïzonou, unites with two masters of percussion, Akim Color, also from Benin, and Mikko Väärälä from Turku. Together, they create entrancing rhythms. Once again, the dancers of ERI shine over the hypnotic music. The premiere introduces a new star, Noel’s 12-year-old son, Oscar. The evening’s festivities culminate with the serving of an African buffet and drinks. The recipes come from writer-editor Vivi-Ann Sjögren, who will also tell fascinating tales of Benin over the course of the evening.

  • Performances: 29th August–21st September
  • Duration: 2 hours (inc. intermission)

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