FCI Agility World Championship 2019

Gatorade Center
Artukaistentie 8
20210 Turku
FCI Agility World Championship is being held in Turku in September 2019.

The FCI’s (Fédération Cynologique Internationale = International Dog-Breeders Association) organising body will hold the annual agility world championships from September to October. The FCI World Championship is the most prestigious and toughest of competitions, bringing together competitors from almost every continent.

Championship in Finland held 19th–22nd September 2019

The objective of the event is to bring to Turku competitors from over 40 countries to compete at the Gatorade Center, where spectators can watch four full days of competition. Agility is a sport that is fast-paced and easy-to-follow. This also makes the sport suitable for those not familiar with agility events.

Everyone is welcome!



Agility World Championships 19-22.9.2019

Finland organizes Agility World Championships on 19-22.9.2019. As venue has been selected Gatorade Center in Turku! Come and see world-class agility when the best competitors from over 40 countries arrive in Turku.

Agility World Championship 2019 -hotelpackets


  • 1 night in doubleroom from 64,50 € / person.
  • 1 night in single room from119 € / person

You can also buy tickets to the event from here.

Agility World Championship 2019 -tickets


  • 4 day ticket 65€ (thu,fri,sat and sun)