Archipelago Tourist Information

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This tourist route going round the Archipelago of Turku takes you through the magnificent natural and cultural landscapes. Along the 250 km route you’ll encounter 12 bridges, 9 ferries and many idyllic Archipelago parishes.

By car you can drive the route in a day, but why hurry? Bike and hike and stay along the way.

Heading in a southerly direction from Turku runs Highway 118 through the city of Kaarina and on to the Archipelago town Pargas. On the way you can take a 6 km detour to see the historic Kuusisto Castle Ruins.

After getting to know Pargas town centre, the journey onto Sattmark Café is 10 km, where you’ll find lovely nature paths, among other things. On the way to the Lillmälö ferry landing (8km) you’ll see the Lenholm Conservation Area. The crossing from Lillmälö to Prostvik takes ten minutes and a further 15 km from the ferry landing onto the centre of Nagu.

Nagu is very popular with guests for its harbourfront restaurants and services. Also in Nagu explore the exhibitions of the new Maritime House. It is 14 km to the Pärnäs ferry landing from Nagu and 7 km on the other side from Retais to the Korpo Galtby ferry landing. On the way you can stop by at the Korpoströmt Archipelago Centre. The crossing from Korpo to Kittuis on Houtskär island takes half an hour. On the way to the Näsby village don’t forget to stop at the Järvis Observation Tower. In Näsby there is also an interesting Archipelago Museum.

There are two ferries on the way from the centre of Houtskär to the Mossala inter-island ferry landing (14 km). Next to the Mossala inter-island ferry landing there's a camping area. Travellers can enjoy e.g. refreshments in the camping area's cafeteria. Mossala–Dalen ferry crossing takes less than an hour. It is then only 3 km from Dalen to Iniö village centre. In the centre of Iniö in Norrby is the summer market as well as the Sophia Wilhelmina church.

It is 8 km and one ferry crossing from Iniö to the Kannvik inter-island ferry landing. The trip from Kannvik to Heponiemi on Kustavi takes approximately 25 minutes. It is 17 km from Heponiemi to Taivassalo. Restaurant Raitti, in Taivassalo, offers a good place to eat and relax. In Kustavi it is recommended to visit Kustavi Handicraft Village and Peterzén’s shops and to overnight in the exotic Boathouse Hotel.

On the way to Merimasku in Naantali (40 km) you’ll see the war-time base and Motti shelter as well as the historic Muntti Bridge.  In Askainen you can stop off at the Louhisaari Manor, which is known for being marshal Mannerheim's birthplace.

On the way to the Naantali city centre (11 km) take a detour to visit the Finnish President’s summer residence, Kultaranta. With the wooden houses of the old town and numerous other sights, Naantali is really worth a visit. From there it’s about 17 kilometres to Turku.

Short Archipelago Trail (Nagu-Själö-Hanka)
The Short Archipelago Trail detours from the main trail via the historical and fascinating island of Seili and then runs directly to Hanka in Naantali. The island has a strange history – in the past it served for centuries as the deportation island for the leprous and the insane. Nowadays there is the Archipelago Research Institute of the University of Turku.

The entire route is open from approx. 1 June–31 August. The archipelago itself is open whole year around.